In the process of researching A260: Ann Arbor in the Sixties, the Michigan History Project has uncovered a treasure-trove of amazing, poignant, and important stories, all begging to be told. Below find links to a series of articles on certain specific topics that we have written for a number of different publications.


Earth Day 1970 for the Ann Arbor Chronicle

The Battle of Ann Arbor (South University 1969) for the Ann Arbor Chronicle

The Ann Arbor Blues Festival for the Ann Arbor Chronicle

Parade and Protest (Homecoming 1965) for the Ann Arbor Observer

An Interview with David Alan Grier for the Ann Arbor Chronicle

Remembering the Del Rio Bar for the Ann Arbor Chronicle

Paul McCartney Is Dead for Michigan Today

John Lennon at the John Sinclair Freedom Rally for the Ann Arbor Chronicle

Ex-Radicals (Bill Ayers, etc.) Remember Robben Fleming for the Ann Arbor Chronicle

The Black Action Movement for the Ann Arbor Chronicle

The Flap Over Flaming Creatures for Michigan Today

An Interview with Filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan for Michigan Today

A Conversation with Film Critic Owen Gleiberman for the Ann Arbor Chronicle

Michigan's Disastrous Date with the Doors for Michigan Today

Gordon Lightfoot's Four Decades of Folkin' for the Ann Arbor Chronicle

The Hidden History of Ann Arbor for the Ann Arbor District Library

Eyewitness to History (Michigan Daily Photographer Jay Cassidy) for Michigan Today

A Canterbury Tale for Michigan Today

Parting the Iron Curtain with Music for Michigan Today

Cager for the Ages for Michigan Today

Four Years in an Attic for Michigan Today

Ken Burns Returns for Michigan Today

Lynn Goldsmith for Michigan Today

Ann Arbor vs the Flying Saucers for Michigan Today

Yellow (and Blue) Submarine for Michigan Alumnus

Fifty Fab Years Ago for MLive

Talking Bob Dylan's (Maize and) Blues for Michigan Today

Teach Your Children Well (Birth of the Teach-in 1965) for Michigan Alumnus

Teach-in + 50 for Michigan Today

The Spy Who Never Was for Michigan Today

Following the Earhart Trail for Michigan Today

Keep on Trekkin' (Ann Arbor-Based Movement to Revive Star Trek) for Michigan Alumnus

Michigan Daily Photographer Andy Sacks for Michigan Today

Tom Hayden Remembered for Michigan Alumnus

Fractured Fairy Tale for Michigan Today

The Times They Were A-Changin' (Ann Arbor's Radical Past) for Michigan Alumnus

Sgt. Pepper's 50th Anniversary for Michigan Today

Ann Arbor Blues Festival Returns After 50 Years for Michigan Today


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