Make Your Mark on History – Get It Out of the Box!

Do you have a box of old photos that are of people and places in Michigan? Even if you don't know what's in the pictures. Get in touch and let us know.

Most people have a collection of photographs that they've accumulated over the years. Pictures of friends and family, vacations and memorable events.

But have you ever thought that your photographs might be historically significant?

If you took pictures of John F. Kennedy or Richard Nixon during their visits to Ann Arbor in 1960, or you have an old photo of General Custer on leave in Monroe, those of course are historically significant. But there are many other subjects that could be important historically.

In fact, you could have all sorts of intriguing relics stuffed away in dusty boxes in your attic, garage, or basement.

The Michigan History Project is interested in finding out what items you might have that can help us to bring the stories of our state's past alive.

We're interested in all sorts of things, including:

Vice President Richard Nixon spoke at the Ann Arbor train station in 1960.

Senator John F. Kennedy spoke on the steps of the Michigan Union in 1960.
If you have any of these kinds of historical artifacts, it's important to get them out of the box and properly preserved before they deteriorate any more than they already have.

If you've read some of our other pages on this site, you also know that in order for history to be fully preserved it's important to tell and retell the stories of our past to each new generation.

That's why the Michigan History Project is looking for photographs and other historical items that can help us to tell the exciting, inspiring tales of our state's heritage.

What we'll do is make digital copies (scans, photographs) of your historically significant items and use them to help tell the history of our state. Then we can return the items to you, if so desired; or, perhaps a better solution is for MHP to store the items at our facility – or assist you in finding a separate storage facility – so that your treasures can be properly preserved forever.

So dig out those old photos and movies and other items you've accumulated over the years. Don't hold on to your artifacts until they crumble to dust or are thrown away.

Did a relative or parent or spouse recently pass away who had a lot of old photographs? Don't throw them out! It's possible that there could be something in that shoebox of historical significance. Even if you don't think they're important, don't toss them in the trash. Let MHP have a look at what you've got.

Your old pictures, movies, audio recordings and other artifacts can be a more valuable part of the historical record than you might've imagined. Make your mark on history! Don't let the past be lost forever. Send your old photographs and pictures to the Michigan History Project.

If you're a professional or semi-professional photographer, and you've been waiting for the right opportunity to come along, this is it. Let's be honest – not many other publishers are going to be interested in your old pictures. If you keep waiting for something that seems bigger or better to land on your doorstep, you're going to have a long wait. It's hard to accept, but ultimately your photos will probably end up in the trash, never having been seen or appreciated by anyone.

Let's work together to make sure that doesn't happen. Now is the time to act!

Don't know what to do with a box of old photos? Send them to the Michigan History Project. Don't throw them away.

When history is thrown away, it's gone forever.

Contact the Michigan History Project for more information.

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